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Award Winning

Winning awards every year is not why we do what we do for each and every client.
(But, showing off a wall full of trophies and awards is not a bad thing, at all.)

Here are a few recent recognitions LPI has received:
2020 Great Lakes Graphics Association Excellence Awards
2019 Great Lakes Graphics Association and FSEA Awards
2018 Great Lakes Graphics Association Excellence Awards
2018 FSEA Awards
2017 FSEA Awards
2017 Great Lakes Graphics Association Excellence Awards
2016 FSEA Awards
2016 Great Lakes Graphics Association Excellence Awards



To meet heightened consumer demand for increased food safety assurances LPI underwent rigorous validation and verification of our systems that provided proof of continuous monitoring procedures. As a result, LPI became a certified Safe Quality Food provider.



Because we are committed to providing quality and safety in every product and service we provide, LPI has become a certified member of the National Association of Cannabis Businesses.






In October of 2010 LPI became solar powered with our 337-kilowatt solar array.

Being a large consumer of electricity, we have embarked on an extensive energy efficiency program. This solar field was phase three in an ongoing effort to control the cost of electricity, keeping us competitive into the future.

This new source of energy produces 75% of our present needs during hours of daylight and provides 25% of our overall needs annually. Sun Peak, a Madison, Wisconsin-based solar company assisted LPI in the development and construction of our forward-looking system.


We recycle 100 % of our scrap, from paper, to mylar, to plastic. We even recycle cores and banding straps.


Continuing energy audits have led to repeated investments in reducing our carbon footprint, through both energy-efficient lighting and HVAC systems. We are proud of our most recent energy capex, our solar panel array.

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