Packaging is an extension of your brand. It conveys the quality of your product and the very essence of your company. We specialize in the form and functionality of every packaging platform. From catching consumer’s eyes to safely storing and transporting your products, no detail is overlooked.

Graphic Design

Successful customer partnerships often begin with the creative and conceptual stages of projects. Our in-house design department is available to build prototypes, mock-ups, and comps to customer specifications and for design consultation. Utilizing computer-aided design and software compatible with customer-supplied files, ideas and concepts come to life with scope and dimension.

Structural Design

The structural design of packaging serves as the foundational framework – it is the “backbone” for custom-created packaging solutions. In the realm of commercial products, packaging design assumes the role of a subtle sales representative, leveraging aesthetics and tactile qualities to drive sales, distinct from the package’s actual contents. At LPI, this process involves creating structures that not only safeguard the product, but communicate the very essence of your brand identity.


Prototyping plays a crucial role in product packaging as it serves to test design concepts, guarantee functionality, and reduce expensive mistakes. It offers a physical model of the eventual product, enabling practical assessment and improvements before large-scale production. This iterative approach improves the packaging’s overall quality, user experience, and market attractiveness, resulting in more successful product launches and increased brand recognition.

THE FIRST Seven Seconds Are What Defines Your Brand ON THE SHELF.

We are standing by to help you own those seven seconds with amazing design and packaging.